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AI Generated Article Submission to Build Backlinks for SEO Properly

AI Generated Article Submission to Build Backlinks for SEO Properly

Article submission on a link building platform is one of the best ways to bump up SEO (as long as the platform is trustworthy and the publishing sites are chosen correctly). But there is another obstacle to overcome if you want a purchased backlink to be strong and to drive traffic effectively.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is a process where businesses create and submit articles to various online platforms, such as blogs, news sites, and article directories. These articles typically contain one or more backlinks pointing to the business's website. The primary goal is to gain high-quality backlinks, which are a significant factor in search engine optimization (SEO). High-quality backlinks from reputable sites signal to search engines that your website is credible and relevant, which can boost your site's ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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How Businesses Use Article Submission

Businesses use article submission to increase their online visibility, drive traffic to their websites, and improve their domain authority. When done correctly, this strategy can yield impressive results. Here’s how it works:

  • Content Creation: Businesses or their marketing teams create informative and engaging articles relevant to their industry.

  • Submission to Media Sites: These articles are then submitted to various media sites and blogs. Ideally, these platforms should have high domain authority to maximize the benefit of the backlinks.

  • Backlink Inclusion: Each article includes backlinks to the business's website, which helps in driving traffic and improving SEO.

Tips for Rewriting AI Generated Content

AI-generated content can be a great starting point, but it often requires refinement to ensure it doesn’t appear duplicated and meets quality standards. Here are some tips for writers to readapt AI-generated content effectively:

1. Vary Connectors and Sentence Starters

One common issue with AI-generated articles is the repetition of connectors and similar sentence starters. This can make the content monotonous. To avoid this, ensure that each paragraph begins differently. Use a variety of transitional phrases and connectors to maintain the reader’s interest.

2. Avoid Pre-Established Bullet Formats

AI content often relies on bullet points and a rigid format, which can look mechanical. Instead, aim for a more narrative style. Integrate lists naturally into the flow of the text rather than sticking to a strict bullet-point format when there isn’t the need for it.

3. Rewrite Introductions and Conclusions

The introduction and conclusion of an AI-generated article can often be generic and lack engagement. Take the time to rewrite these sections to make them unique and relevant to your specific topic. Craft an engaging opening that hooks the reader and a compelling conclusion that reinforces your main points.

4. Edit for Originality and Engagement

Ensure the content is not only unique but also engaging. Personalize the text with anecdotes, questions, and interactive elements that encourage the reader to stay invested in the article.

The Importance of Quality Content

Crafting high-quality content for article submission is essential to avoid Google’s shadow ban, which can significantly lower your search engine positions. Google prioritizes original, informative, and engaging content. If your articles are flagged as duplicated or low-quality, they may not only fail to boost your SEO but could also harm your website’s credibility.

Investing time in creating or refining AI-generated content to meet high standards is crucial. High-quality articles will not only pass Google's stringent checks but will also provide real value to readers, increasing the likelihood of shares and further backlinks.

In conclusion, article submission remains a vital strategy for building backlinks and improving SEO. However, with the rise of AI-generated content, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your articles are original, engaging, and of high quality. By following the tips outlined above, businesses can effectively adapt AI-generated content, enhance their SEO efforts, and avoid potential penalties from search engines.

For those seeking a streamlined approach, partnering with a specialized link-building agency can provide the expertise needed for successful article submissions and content creation.

By adhering to these practices, businesses can harness the power of article submission to boost their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.


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